CSM, built by Nick/UK
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels I built some CSM a few weeks ago and would like to share some thoughts with you.   The cabinet work isn't my best effort but I needed them up and running quickly. I built them over a couple of weekends and I've just used some polyurethane paint which is a close match to the driver colour. I quite like the finish as it matches the rough looks of the carbon fibre driver.
I have previously used these XT25s in your Peerless134 and Ellam XT designs. In both of these I found the XT25 quite directional but the effect is less noticeable with the CSM. I had wondered whether the larger driver helps with this as there is a larger soundstage projected from the 8545-00.   I had read comments from one of the previous builders that he had left out R1051 and I tried this. Initially I thought yes he's right. There is a more upfront presentation with additional detail coming through. However after less than a day it became clear that the 3d image had gone leaving a flat presentation that had a tendency to shout when a decent amount of power was applied. Not for me - R1051 put back and I settled on a 2.4 ohm  resistor for R1011. The more natural sound returns, depth and difficult to describe but an oomph to dynamics that had gone previously.   Now I cannot decide whether I love or dislike these speakers. On some recordings they can sound quite amazing and on others they have a cold edge to them that doesn't suit my personal taste. As these are monitors I guess they are just doing what they are told to do and if the recording allows they reward with a clear very clean midrange with a lovely depth to the soundstage. I will look out for a used pair of 9500 tweeters to one day have a go at your Amish. I had wondered whether these have a more 'warm' presentation compared to the CSM or whether this is a characteristic of the 8545-00 driver.   It has been great to run these in comparison with my Ellam9800s I really enjoy the bass of the CSM, the bigger driver sounds more at ease generating the deeper notes. The little scanspeak in the Ellam has the better midrange in my opinion. I need to build a bigger speaker next time. I had thought of going for the Ellam Flex 2 way and then going for the 3 way but my realistic budget and room placement keeps pointing me to the Peerless Nomex164. I miss the sound of my my Peerless134. Hopefully the Nomex164 will have the warmer presentation of the Ellam and a bass to surpass the CSM.    I hope you and your family are well.    Thanks for you efforts Troels its hugely appreciated.   Nick UK