CSM, built by Niels, Denmark
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
Thank you so much for helping me out on the X-over for these speakers.
Since my tablesaw broke down, a pair of Beovox 1200 had to be sacrificed, leaving me with a pair of 15.5 litre low cost boxes. Added 16mm MDF to back and front and an additional 8mm to make up for the countersunk B&O front grill. A brace was placed below the woofer. All mounted makes 12.5 kilo each.
Been trying out lots of commercial monitors in my small recording studio, but it was evident at very first plugin, that these do a lot of the right stuff for me. Due to very little space, corner placement and close up listening, it has been a real challenge to get it right. Vent on front definitely a must.
I’m confident these speakers will grow on me, and I’m eager to spend more time recording and mixing. I might want to try adjusting the 9700 tweeter some 2-3db lower, but will do some more listening before deciding. Since, as you know well by now, I work very much by the principle ‘Monkey see, Monkey do’, I might get back for you to point out exactly witch components and values to change.
I love surfing your very inspiring homepage.
Thanks again, Troels