ScanSpeak CSM, built by Roland, Hungary
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels!
I built the CSM monitor loudspeaker and I made it a 22 liter stand box.
The material is 18 mm, the baffle is double. I glued the bitumen sheet to the insides and used real wool for damping. For internal wiring, now I use 2,5 mm2 OFC copper cable (Sommer Orbit 225), but I heard the OCC solid care cable is better.
The SOUND of the speaker is beautiful! One of the most harmonic sound speaker, what I ever heard.  Maybe the midrange would be a bit more pronounced. In the crossover currently I use Jantzen Cross-cap capacitors.
I attached some photos, about the project.
If you think the speaker is enough nice, I'm going to try to send a better photo and a bit more detailed description about the sound, that you could put it to the page of builders response.
Best regards,

Hi Troels, 
I changed the capacitors in the CSM monitor crossover except the 22mF. I used before the woofer ClarityCap ESA, before tweeter ClarityCap CSA. In addition, the internal wiring is replaced by the Jantzen silver plated PTFE wire recommended by you. The sounding difference was amazing. In addition, I bought from the internal PTFE cable that this is also the speaker cable. It was the very best buy speaker cable, if somone want better than these, it may be very expensive.
With these changes, I have achived that the music is not sound from a right speaker or left speaker, but only music flows, it has a huge and wide stage and it is incredible realistic. This will be my final speaker.
Thank you for your help!