ScanSpeak CSM, built by Roland, Hungary
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels!
I built the CSM monitor loudspeaker and I made it a 22 liter stand box.
The material is 18 mm, the baffle is double. I glued the bitumen sheet to the insides and used real wool for damping. For internal wiring, now I use 2,5 mm2 OFC copper cable (Sommer Orbit 225), but I heard the OCC solid care cable is better.
The SOUND of the speaker is beautiful! One of the most harmonic sound speaker, what I ever heard.  Maybe the midrange would be a bit more pronounced. In the crossover currently I use Jantzen Cross-cap capacitors.
I attached some photos, about the project.
If you think the speaker is enough nice, I'm going to try to send a better photo and a bit more detailed description about the sound, that you could put it to the page of builders response.
Best regards,