ScanSpeak CSM, built by Adelino, Portugal
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
Many years ago I got CSM Kit #4 from you (you still have my living room's picture on your website, I'm the one who asked about center tweeter placement).
At that time I told you I was planning to build a new enclosure by the end of the year, well... in my defense... I never said which year. Lot's of things got in the way but I finally made them, you can see them in the pictures attached.
I only have one picture of the construction since I built it at my dad's house and never take the camera with me.
Main enclosure is made of 16 layers of 24mm birch play (like the model in wich they are inspired from), all cut by hand with a jigsaw and a router.
Front panel is also 24mm birch ply covered in Synthetic leather (so, don't worry animal lovers, wich I also am).
The first 2/3 of the stands are hollow adding 7 liters of volume to the 18 of the speaker making 25 liters from a stand mount speaker tuned to 35Hz. The Speaker is firmly attached to the stand with 5 screws and it can be dismounted for transport.
Last 1/3 is filled with sand and is attached to a 30mm plate of black granite.
Total weight is 40Kg per speaker (16 Kg speaker, 24 Kg stand).
Only change to the crossover was the replacement of the 4 caps in the tweeter section.
The extra volume makes a good difference, they go much deeper now. Next thing is to rebuild my amp, the pre-amp section needs work...
Thanks for everything.
Best regards, Adelino, Portugal