ScanSpeak CSM, built by Alex
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Just finished my first speaker-project, based on your Compact Studio Monitor. I just want to share the pleasure of it with you - it was very satisfying to finish this first pilot-project and making it gave me lots of fun! It brings two of my interests together: music and woodworking.
I made some little(?) changes to it, although you advise not to do so, except for the volume of the box itself:
the volume of the box is increased to 20 litres.
I put the cross-over not in the box but underneath it, like other designs of you, in case of upgrading or repairs
the tube is on the front: not on the backface of the box.
the tube is shortened to about 9,5cm according to your excell and the advice to multiply the 'common advised length' with 0,7
for the enclosure I used 18mm birch-plywood, covered with 4mm leaded rubber
I placed an extra brace between woofer and bottom to increase stiffness, just to be sure
Hopefully these adjustments haven't negatively influenced the performance of these monitors. I can't test it yet: don't have the gear to do so. Luckily I still have my ears!
Like others already mentioned before: the bass-response is amazing! I think the speakers need a powerful amplifier to get the most out of it. I tried them on a Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3, which can deliver enough power for these and my reference, Thiel CS2.4. It's really wonderful, how such a small speaker can perform. 
I didn't bother about the looks too much, since this is a pilot-project. Nevertheless, my children would love to have these in their house. Well, maybe later on.. for now I will enjoy them. Patience is a beautiful thing.
Thanks again for your help and most stimulating designs! Looking forward to a next project - can't make up my mind yet, which one to choose. 
Kind regards, Alex