CS Monitor, built by Chris
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
I was turned on to your CS- Monitor design, by a friend, when I was searching for a new monitor for the studio. I wanted something that was straight-forward and used quality components while not costing a fortune (which I had already spent on monitors). I decided to build them although I had only really toyed with building speakers before! The woodworking was the hardest part since I don't have a lot of tools to choose from. In any case, I think the result was a nice looking and excellent sounding studio monitor. I've never had mixes translate so well before, even when using *name brand* monitors costing a lot more than the CSMs cost to build. I appreciate your work and the time you take to explain what you are doing very much! I've learned a lot and enjoyed the whole build enormously. Thanks a lot! Chris