CSM builders

CSM built by Murillo/Brazil

Hi Troels,
Thanks for all your help in my first DIY project, yes man, the speaker is really great, your design is outstanding. I did not replaced the R1011, I bypassed the R1051 and sound now as I expected. Yes you are right, the 'high-end' speakers sound a lot of treble because it sells, another thing I noticed is the climate, here I live in Brasil, its a hot country, this influence a lot with the sound, I can not explain, but I know it happens, when I listen to music in a controlled temperature hall, with a colder temperature with my air conditioner, the sound its a lot better, so maybe in Denmark these speakers sound very different them here in Brasil.
I will take nice pics of my speaker and send to you, of course you cn use them if you want. I will be glad if they seems at the same high quality as your projects, at least it was made with love and passion.
Im using the speakers with my Fisher 500C, its very good, but I will use my Harman Kardon Citation II because it has more power and I think that will be more adequate to them. The rest of my set-up is a Harman Kardon Citation I preamp, MHZS CD33 tube cd player and a Empire 598 Troubador Turntable. At the near future I will make an upgrade to your Ekta Grande that Im very impressed with, buy up for the moment let me be grateful for this beloved project you give to us. Its from guys like you that the universe should have be full of, so we would have a better place.
If you someday wanna visit Brasil, we live in Fortaleza and would be a pleasure to have you as our guest.
Thanks for all.
Murillo R. Moreira

CSM built by Adelino

Hi Troels
Attached is a photo of my system. The silver amp was home-made almost 2 years ago (The stand was also home made). As for the speakers, amazing may be the right word, great sound with a deeper bass that I expected from what I've read about this driver and considering that the cabs are not tuned like they should and the driver is new. The XT25 really is a great driver, especially at this price. As I've told you I'm going to build new cabs, but that may take a while. I'll send photos when they're done. I'm going to share with you my idea for new cabs: Imagine something like the Guarneri where the stand is hollow. The look of a monitor with the volume of a floorstander. Something around 24 liters (like the Amish) may give a bass extension not expected from something that looks small. And I think the 8545 "ugly" look will go great with a leather front panel. What do you think? Now, if I can do it, is another story. Many thanks for everything. Best regards, Adelino

Hi Adelino. Thanks for taking time to respond to the kit#3. I'm pleased it seems to work out as intended and thanks asking about tweeter placement. It made me do the tests on tweeter placement - and the kits generally more versatile. The XT25TG is an easy driver and I have added the findings to the general CSM page: http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/CSM.htm
The "ugly" cones should look really excellent with leather as they did on the 1st generation Amati from Sonus Faber.