SEAS CENTER-641, built by Trevor

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Mr Gravesen
It is surprising how quickly the second build goes together when you have learnt lots of tricks on the first.
My CNO 2.5 speakers are really shining now and I have been so pleased with them since finishing them in July that I needed (?) a matching centre speaker for watching films.  I have the 2.5’s set up with a speaker switch so they can work with both the surround sound amplifier and the Cyrus music amplifier.
As you will see I have gone for the end on plywood look with purpleheart edges to match the main speakers.  So I had to build these with a removable back to get the front corners to look as I wanted.  That was not really an issue it just needed some careful wiring through the speaker holes to hook it all up with the crossovers mounted on the back board. Trimming the tweeter was fine- as you say the slower the better with the router.  It probably took 2 weeks of part time to build and a week to finish them with the usual Epifanes semi matt varnish thinned and rubbed on.
I am experimenting with the angle of tilt at the moment and, I am not surprised to say, it is sounding great.  Much clearer speech and far better dynamics than the old single driver centre that we had. Plus the SEAS drivers just look so good.
Thank you again for all your efforts in designing these.  It has been a great learning experience building them..Mrs C now says I have to stop until we get a bigger house……
…..We shall see.
regards to you and Michael