Why closed kits?
Copyright 2015-17 © Troels Gravesen

Since January 2014, all my constructions do not show crossover components' values. The only way to get the full schematics is by buying the kit from Jantzen Audio. The schematics alone cannot be bought from me either.
I know that for some of you guys the very idea of buying stuff from another country is new territory, but we live in a global world and shipping cost has become very reasonable.

The reason for this is simple: Quite a few "creative" dealers in New Zealand, Eastern Europe, Russia, Spain and a few other places had started copying images, drawings and schematics from my website to their own website and selling kits based on my constructions. This without asking permission to copy files or suggesting any kind of royalties from their profit.
My website really wasn't meant to support a wide range of dealers. It has been tried to make arrangements for royalties/per sold kit, but the result was zero. Dealers simply do no pay.

I'm deeply grateful for the support from ScanSpeak, AudioTechnology, SEAS, SBAcoustics and Jantzen Audio. Without their help this website had not been possible.