Cyclop, built by Dima/USA
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hello, Troels. At the beginning I would like to thank you for your big part in creating speakers that I have - you build the crossover. Thank You zillion times.
Here I'm sending you a bunch of pictures of the speakers, please choose which one you would like to leave on your web page (if you'll find any good ;) )
The whole process took me about one month and a half (we had a lot of snow in this winter in CT, and most of the wood work was performed outside).
For building those babes took also a lot of time to read info about building speakers itself and veneering. So now I am happy owner of an excellent pair of speakers.
I am Really impressed with quality of clear and detail sound. Impact and clarity of bass is amazing. I am enjoying listening to a lot CD's, because I am discovering music over and over again with small details that I haven't heard before. Panorama just beautiful - you can fill that you seat in front of the stage where band performs.
Only one my concern is about stereo effects in electronic music - in head phones (Sennheiser HD 650) they are little brighter. And my mark for that speaker will be A+, because I have spend a lot of time listening hi-end stereo in the stores, so I know, what I am talking about. 
My whole system is: DAC (dual PCM 1794 Ross Martin), amplifier Zen 4 (Nelson Pass) and Great Pair of Cyclop Speakers (Mr. Troels Gravesen).
Thank You Troels and special thanks to all my family and friends being supportive in this project.