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Hello Troels, ^_^ just finished the cyclob`s with paintings, later I'll change the crossover layout (now they are on pcb dont like the sound and change the cables ) the sound is quiet impressive never heard anything so pure on midrange and so wide ...some words about enclose, dirt volume 75l, clear volume exclude xo drivers and isolation is around 70 l. Tried closed box (the sound was not for me). Vairiovents , much better then closed box but i have a headake because of it the bass was too short kinking and to hard, then i tried the vented box with port on the back ,  better then first to variants critical to placement in the room and bass was not in all space the same
the final variant is power tort (vented system with cone and statement on the end of the port)  best performance, the bass is same on all room space and in the angles of the room there is no gain... so in the end the sound is near to perfect (will make changes listed in the beginning) thanx very much for the help, the building take much time, work and money but i sure it worth much more! Now making 4 more speakers (3w classic  , pms, w12excell, ca18- 2way ), best regards Max.
PS: all the pics are in attach, pps the e-mail 12mb cant reach you so i uploaded photos to web-gallery,

Max' Cyclop 2010

Hello Troels ,
Just finished several new project and ready to share pics, sometimes it is some trobles to send you a lot of pics so I'll send only links then ^_^ the building of this enclose was started from start to the end it takes 2 month almost 3-4 hours a day...
Now the project if finally finished if you remember I've tried all the choises for woofer enclose closed box,Variovents,Ported system (back and bottom placement of the port )and now it is labyrinth for me the last is best. The closed box sounds too "closed" - never like cb enclose. Variovents sound better but still the sound is not for me. Back ported system is the worth  the roomgain is terrible! The bottom ported system is good enough but is is ported so it is tuned to only one frequency and it is clearly listen-able  (the roomgain is much lower)the labyrinth give you ultimate sound the speed of bass is great and it goes really deep with no roomgain like in ported system so the is no such accentuation on bass like in ported..
Now the drums are very natural like on holidays parade they goes deep and short another thing ive changed. I used solid core - copper cable for wiring the speker (audio magic strait 2.5sq mm) and i change treeble and upper midrange quiet noticeable now the are much more cleaner. That's all for now ^_^ but in future the are PMS and 3-w classic build for my friend. Best wishes and regards

Max, thanks a lot for sharing your photos. I'm not surprised your transmission lines beats all other options.I'm looking forward to hearing my 10C77 in TLs later this year.

built by Max

Internal volume reduced to ~24 liter.