ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Bahman
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
Another one for the Hall of Fame (or shame maybe, don't look too closely).  They sound absolutely stupendous, though as others have noted here you have to rethink your whole conception of listening if you're moving up from basic entry level speakers like I am. For one thing nothing is masked any more and for another I found I had developed attachments to the quirks of my old speakers (Klipsch RB3) which have taken a while to dissipate.
Construction-wise I did it basically by the book, with minor differences noted below.  I enjoyed the build very much, especially your highly descriptive instructions which anticipated almost all my questions.  My only remaining question is whether it's safe to switch my amp to 8 ohm impedance or leave it at 6, since the specs seem a little equivocal on this point.
Anyhow, many many thanks and best regards,


George approves!
I ended up projecting the cabinet straight back from the baffle edge, so it's 20mm narrower and ~37mm deeper as a result.  The simpler profile is a nod to my wife's concern that our living room not become a speaker shrine.

I opted for a removable back (sorely wishing Jantzen Audio had provided a few more meters of wire) and had to split up the crossover to get it to fit in the narrower cabinet. Right now I've got a makeshift pigtail terminal for switching between the three tweeter attenuations dangling out of the port (so far I like default best). The port itself has only about 1cm clearance from the cabinet floor, and I skipped the felt covering there to give it a little room. In lieu of bitumen panels I lined the entire box with a bituminous rain gutter repair tape ('Peel & Seal', essentially modified bitumen roofing, only 1.5mm but hopefully better than nothing).

The narrowed cabinet, with the tweeter panel mitred into the cabinet and the laminated-edge lower front panel applied over it.  The baffle pieces are plywood veneered with 5mm black mdf, as the only reasonably priced pieces of this material I could find were 12"x12"x5mm Forescolor craft/hobby panels.