Discovery 4, built by Dave, US
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
I have finally finished the Discovery 4 speaker project. This is my first speaker project and it has been very rewarding. It has taken 19 months to complete.
The cabinets are made from laminated MDF with Kawazinga (Bubinga) African wood veneer finish with clear varnish and black lacquer finish to the front driver panels. I hand made the aluminum stands and trim knobs. The spikes are actually stainless steel wine stoppers.
The sound is spectacular and exceeded my expectations. This design will bring out the best in a well-engineered recording.
Equipment: Oppo 105 Player, Musical Fidelity Preamp, Pass Labs Amplifier, Modified Technics Turntable, Kimber Speaker Cables, Harmonic Technology Interconnects.
I am now excited to build another set of speakers using your fine speaker designs! I have my sights set on the Illuminator 4 as my next project.
I would like to thank you for all your valuable help and for your outstanding contribution to the DIY speaker community around the world.
Texas, USA