DISCOVERY-4/-5, built by Emanuele/Italy
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
My brother and I finished building the discovery 4 project just around the beginning of May 2017.
It took longer than I expected, but I was very pleased by the final results of the cabinets and sound of the speakers.
We then went to the Munich High End Exhibition and we listened to a lot of great (and far more expensive) speakers there. We were particularly impressed by the mid clarity and details of the Wilson Audio Alexx and of course by the overall sound.
After those fresh listening experiences, to my taste, the Discovery 4 became a little bit too dark in that section.
So, we wanted to try adding a fourth way to the Discovery 4 because I especially enjoy experimenting in building and playing speakers .
I wanted something similar – well at least to my possibilities – to that kind of sound form the Alexx speakers.
Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the silky sound of the Discovery 4, their balance, the deep bass, but I always liked a brighter and more detailed sound on the middle section of the audio spectrum (You can see in some of the photos an old CIARE speaker using a dome midrange - HM500 - and the PT383 tweeter).
My brother current main system is your ETKA Grande project and those 12M drivers are something else...
After reading most of your projects, at the end, we tried a scan speak discovery family speaker (10F/8414G10) for the mid-up section the and an Illuminator tweeter (D3004/602010). The Illuminator tweeter was chosen because of the dimensions and I must say it is just a better driver.
The task to develop a new crossover for the 18W and 10F and the D3004 proved to be very tricky, but in the end, I’m quite happy the way it turned out. I’m sure it could be done better, but right now I want to enjoy the music and maybe a new project!
Points of crossover: 180Hz – 800Hz – 2800Hz
Finally, I wanted to thank you for you work and passion. I learned a lot studying your site.
Best regards, Emanuele, Italy