DTQWT-12, built by Brian, Tasmania
Copyright 2013 Troels Gravesen

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Fortunately not heading for the garbage dump, but on their way from workshop to home! Each speaker is 80 kgs!

Dear Troels,
Warm wishes from Tassie. I didn't get burned out, like some people here recently, and now I have a new reason not to!

I've finally done the last bits to complete the DTQWT-12s: the end of a huge project. They've actually been up and running since early December, but now they have the Insect/Rodent screens I was considering last time I wrote. These are bedded into a strip of masking tape, so I expect them not to rattle: so far so good.
Just for the record, the build has taken me 212 hours.
One photo shows how I moved them from workshop to house, without a scratch, I might add. One of those 2-wheeled trolleys made the rest easy, even up a ramp. I'll try to show you the wood too.
In the house, they are louder than where I tested them in the large workshop: a good setting (for my Cyrus 8 and Vifa/ScanSpeak 3-ways) used to be -27dB, but these are very lively on -34! We hear lots about the clean, dry bass, but here it really does sound just like the concert hall. The double basses leaning on their spikes into the floor feel just the same. The mother of all climaxes in the Mahler 4 slow movement almost seemed a bit ho-hum to them, where in the past I've obviously heard a fair bit of distortion. Just for kicks I put on Abbey Road, and after 47 years I can finally understand some of the lyrics! I can say with certainty, after listening to my Tannoys recently, that the producer never heard it this good.
Speaking of Tannoys, I've followed your writings, and read up on some of the vast amount out there, but haven't found anybody with the magic bullet for my HPD 315As. After hearing your DTs, they sound awful! I've ordered a swag of supercaps and 2 coils to do up the crossovers, but feel the 70 litre BR boxes really don't help them. By the way, the bass coil measured at 2.19mH, if that's of any help, and my tweeter cap is 4.7uF, with 2 6.8uF and 1 Ohm in series in the bass. (I think I now have seen 3 different original versions of the crossover for just the HPD 315). I would love to understand more about your upgrade choices, likewise with the DT crossovers, as you seem to write for people a bit more evolved than my electrical understanding.
We are waiting on Sierra, of the "Another Troels Gravesen DTQWT..." thread in StereoNet.com, to finish his -10s. If you've been following this, you probably gathered that I'm the "BioBrian" who has taken up an indecent amount of space there, so I'll take it easy on sending pics to you. If you'd like more though, please ask. I'm trying hard with a horrible little camera to get good shots, and it's a terrible gamble. There are some construction choices I made, which might be interesting to discuss.
You really do deserve a lot of appreciation for your hugely informative website and exciting projects - thank you! I'm kind of dreading the arrival of a 15" DTQWT, because I don't think I'll be able to resist. I have a lovely new router and lots of expensive bits, but I don't have Valentin's budget, and already need a bigger house.
All the best from Brian.

I also am concerned that the local wildlife are going to love my speakers too. We have here a "mud-wasp", which builds nests of mud and fills them with paralysed spiders in which they have laid their eggs. Once I took out a Tannoy driver to find the entire roll-surround had been filled with this mess, locking the driver solid! Also, these felt-lined mansions would be the perfect nesting-place for rodents, which I couldn't bear.