DTQWT-12, built by Ferraioli Pantaleone/Italy
Copyright 2010 Troels Gravesen

Gooood morning Mr. Gravesen!!

Here I am, after 10 months, in the end my pair of GROWN UP DTQWT “extended” (with a pair of 12 inches eminence deltalite) are ready and are currently breaking in. At this stage I will not give any listening impression since the speakers have played only a couple of hours. All I can say is that they have a really “huge” sound – the symphonic music is really amazing with them – and they are really efficient.

I hope the pictures can explain the way I built them up. My aim was to build a case “virtually” made with no panels so that the vibrations generated by the loudspeakers can “see” only a huge (more than 100 kilos) mass.

Touching the case while the speakers are playing you can barely feel vibrations, so I think it worked.

I can’t help finishing the breaking in and enjoy my CD collection as never before!!

Thanks to you I can enjoy a really HI END speakers at a very reasonable price and in addition I really enjoyed its construction.

FERRAIOLI Pantaleone

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Gooood afternoon, Mr. Pantaleone!
Quite frankly, I feel envious of what I see here! I'd like to hear the 12 inch version and too bad you don't live next door. I had never dreamed of someone making cabs like this and I would need a cousin dealing with Baltic Birch to make it happen.
Thanks a lot for reporting and I hope the immediate impressions will last. You may later try out recent crossover developments that will throw an even deeper sound stage. Check out:
(The speakers here were built based on this draft file:

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Hi Troels,
I’m very happy that you liked my job!
The final amps are the mono Mastersound Monoblock 845:
http://www.mastersoundsas.it (parallel single ended of 2 845 and 50 watts RMS).
The pre amp is the SA 5000 up-graded at the maximum level ( except for the phono stage) by his designer Mike Elliott:
During the week I work in Rome and I stay home during the week end, so I can’t wait to go home Friday and continue to break in the speakers and listen my favourite CDs.
I hope that the building process is clear: I realized (with a CNC machine – I think this is the right name) various lateral sections of the speakers and I stacked them one on another under a press machine with 20 tons of weight and glued them together with vinyl glue. As visible in the pictures I made the central bracing by modification of the section itself.
My best regards.
FERRAIOLI Pantaleone

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Good afternoon Troels
As requested I forward you a picture of the “b-side” of the speakers. The more they play the more their sound gets excellent!! Regards, FERRAIOLI Pantaleone “Leo”