DTQWT-212, built by Giuseppe
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

At last I finished the building of my 212.
At present they are under test with a lot of satisfaction. After I finished, I can say that the construction itself is not that difficult, the only issue is the weight of the cabinet, I used the recommended baltic birch, 24mm thick, and the handling of the tables may be a bit difficult without any help.
I am not able to describe the sound, I can only say the DTQWT sound great with a very appreciated extension to the lower frequencies. The bass are different, don’t know how to explain, the sound is more “natural” even at low levels. I like a lot the lowest frequencies of the bowed string instrument that were not so present like now. I am more than happy of the final result, I wanna thank you for all the help you gave me answering the many emails l sent you. I recommend this loudspeaker kit!