DTQWT mkII, built by Andrey
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
In the beginning a few words of story. I want to thank you for your DTQWT project, it is really good job, I appreciate it.
I totally finish this in March last year, it was not so easy to realise it. Finally, I'm very happy. But last week I broke one of driver in transportation to my friend's listening room. I was really disappointed.
Repair in Russia is no problem, but i prefer to have new and original one. Michael from JA tell me that JA-8008 HES is discontinued, and i'll thinking about HMQ ones, but I can not make any changes in cabinet, it is finally finish. (Please see attachments). Anyway, before make final solution I have to ask you: is it possible to use HMQ drivers without changing front panel of the cabinet? (please see drawings in attachment) If not, I will buy old one JA-8008 HES from stock. Thanks. Andrey

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for reporting back on the DTQWT project.
You cannot use the new JA8008-HMQ without making these changes:
1. Make a new front panel like the mkIII.
2. Make the new mkIII crossover, and unfortunately only the bass section crossover can be re-used.
Best regards