DTQWT, built by Andy/US
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels, Whoa, after about 4 weeks, I got almost everything done at least to the point I can listen to some nice tunes. I've never built transmission line speakers before so I was pretty nervous whether I would get it right but to my relief, after pressing the "play" button, everything sounded pretty good. You mention the DTQWT has a different sound from others I am not sure how to describe the difference between the DTQWT and other more conventional speakers but the sound is more open and holographic and the soundstage is more complete. The sound has a certain calmness and easy going compared to smaller speakers. It's almost like the sound was amplified through a tube amp. The low level details are easier to follow. One thing I am still trying to get a good impression it how "fast" they are. The PMS has a 5in. mid range driver and it's very agile and quick. I was afraid the bass might get a bit too much but to my surprise it's pretty balance, but I think you need a reasonably large space for them. The resistor I use for the tweeter xover is 2.2ohm. On some tracks I think a 2.0ohm or 1.8ohm might be better though, but I will probably be playing with difference values. I've built a few pair of speakers and after awhile, it's hard to describe the sound :-). All I can say is I like them a lot. I'll try to finish them up with some nice veneer hopefully by next year :-). Thanks, -Andy