DTQWT, built by Carlo, Italy
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels, 
I've finished this multilayered version of the DTQWT three months ago. The speaker's body is made of baltic birch ply, with a layer of curly maple on top. Front panel and the rear details are taken from two slices of solid Indian rosewood, from a luthiers wood supplier. Water based finish for the ply, shellac on the woods. The speakers weigh about 60 kilos each. 
I've added an adjustable port to the bass horn, using a threaded insert and a conical wooden plug. Anyway, in my living room, the bass is just perfect without opening the holes. I've found a good placement 80cm from the rear wall, 35-40cm from the side walls and 220cm far to each other (tweeter to tweeter). 
After a few hours of break-up, the speakers were sounding very good. Deep, powerful bass without any boominess or boxy sound. Pipe organ fills the room and both electric and acoustic bass sound extremely realistic. A properly recorded piano is a full body instrument, something that can't be accomplished by small or lesser speakers. 
The JA8008's midrange took almost 300 hours to open up completely, but the voices, both male and female, are now very clean and unshaded. There is no audible transition between midrange and tweeter. 2R2 is my choice for the attenuation resistor. 
I came from ten years of Quad ESLs, and I'm happy to trade their midrange "airiness" and extreme transparency for a true full range sound. These speakers can provide a very high sound pressure, anyway they are very enjoyable also at low listening level. 

Troels, thanks a lot for sharing this fantastic speaker project. It was quite a long (and funny) building job, but the high value for money, in my opinion, is definitely worth the effort. Please find some building pictures on our Italian woodworking forum: http://www.legnofilia.it/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4629&highlight=
Carlo, from Italy

Thanks Carlo for you response and pics! You may well have built the best DTQWTs so far. Awesome! Cheers, Troels.

 Selection of images from Carlo's website, follow link above to view them all.