DTQWT, built by Dave, AU
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels
Just a bit of a write up for your builders page.
Hi all.
Here is a brief rundown of my DTQWT build that I recently completed and are still having fun tuning. First of all let me thank Troels for his passion and dedication to DIY speaker building, people like him really make quality HiFi affordable to the average man. I’ve said this to Troels many a time in the various question and answer emails I’ve sent him but I thought I should also thank him publicly. So Troels thanks from us all!
Now the build. In the past I’ve built several DIY speakers mainly using Vifa drivers. Well, when I say built them, I really meant my dad who was a master cabinet maker made the cabinets and I did the rest. Sadly this time he isn’t around to build these but the many years watching him gave me the confidence to try building them myself. This is the first real wood work project I’ve ever done, I’m a panelbeater by trade so metal has been my thing not wood!
The basic box was made out of 18mm MDF then skinned with 6mm ply. The front and rear panels were 24mm MDF and once again skinned with 6mm ply. The reason I did it this way was that it’s a lot easier to get all the edges nice by doing them in small single panel sections as opposed to getting many joints lined up at the same time. Once the basic box was made I fitted the corner and edge pieces, these were 6mm above the MDF. Once these were all fitted it was just a matter of trimming the ply inserts to fit inside the edges, one panel at a time. Then just a finish sand and some furniture oil…. Done!
The cross overs were easy enough too. I fitted the binding post on the 50mm wide section on the base (pointing down) so they are clean surfaces all around.
Now to the sound…. When I first connected these to an old Yamaha amp I had lying around I was very disappointed to say the least. After a couple of emails to Troels I started to realise there wasn’t anything wrong with the speakers, it was everything else! I replaced the amp with a new Peachtree Audio INova, a lot better. The real thing I learnt was that the room acoustics were all wrong. All my listening rooms in the past have been in houses with wooden construction, wooden floors and jib rock covered wooden framed walls. My new house has a concrete floor and plastered brick walls. Once I started to realise what was going on I purchased several packs of acoustic insulation, 45 deg panels from floor to ceiling in all corners and several other panels at mirror points in the room. Now we’re really getting somewhere…. It was at about this stage that I realised that these speakers were really something special! I’m really enjoying the music again, the detail and naturalness blow me away every time I have a session. Sometimes with the right music (Pink Floyd) I find I almost “trip out” it’s quite freaky getting totally lost in the music. You forget the dimensions of the room, open your eyes and think, wow I’m in my lounge room!
The only thing I thought was missing was a bit of lower bass extension, just the other day I raised them up from the recommended 40mm floor clearance to 75mm. This has given the lift I was looking for they are now complete……….. I’ll still keep trying placement and room acoustic things though.
One final thought about seeking perfection. I find that I’m looking more at the quality of the recording now than the content. A good recording now sounds so good it makes the lesser quality ones sound rubbish!