DTQWT, built by Derrick/CA
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hey Troels.
I didn't get a chance to finish my grills. Too busy renovating, bathroom and rec room, but I did purchase a Sansui AU717 integrated amp (vintage) and hooked it up to my Rotel rcc 945 cd player, and to my ears this is a very good match. I was a little afraid to turn it loud, but yesterday I had the house to myself, so you can guess what I did? I used about every watt (clean watts) that is. About 85 wpc. I was smiling from ear to ear, what a sound. I'm not much for discribing sound, but this is above what I was expecting... so anyone out there that wants to build a pair of speakers, look no further. The DTQWT sounds awesome, and I'm sure that Troels' other builds are awesome also...one day ill get those grills finished and send more pics, please keep in mind that this is my first time building something of this magnetude. So if you put your mind to it, and with the right tools, anyone can achieve this. Just don't rush it, and before you now it, your done..... Cheers, Derrick