DTQWT mkII built by Lars, Norway
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


I have now finished my DTQWT-mkII T35 option speakers. The building process have been tideous, mostly due to the weather where I live. I have done most of the woodwork outdoors (during the late autumn and early winter), bacause i cant work indoors where I live. I choose to build a cabinet of MDF, this simplifies the process somewhat and lowers the cost of the woodwork. Initially I planned on veenering the cabinets, but when i saw the actual size of these speakers i painted them white so that they would seem as small as possible. I am barely allowed to keep them in our living room as it is (wife….).
The soundstage from these speakers are huge, and I am enjoying every minute with music and film. The sound have changed a whole lot since the first few hours of playing music. I guess i would say the soundstage grew and the bass became deeper after about 100hours and a visit from friends who likes loud rap music. I have used Naim with the speakers and it sounds great!