DTQWT, built by Maciek/Poland
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Hello Troels,
I'd like to thank You for Your work, knowledge, experience, for Your site and projects - especially DTQWT mkII which I have finished yesterday, late night after a few days of A LOT of work. First impressions (speakers and amplifier are both new, maybe the sound will change after few hours of playing, don't know) - the sound is ALIVE, effortless, the midrange is.. hot - I Love it; music has nuances, details I haven't noticed before; only the lower frequencies aren't what I've been hoping for - two big 10 inch driver at each speaker - hoped for more ;) But maybe it's because of my rather small room. But overally I'm VERY satisfied with them. The midrange and that atmosphere of live appearance, 3d almost. Few years ago I finished Your project Maya, seemed easy for me; nice easy listening sound but these monsters are definitely in other league. If You'd like I can send You some (in a few days) photographs of my DTQWT's, they're not as beautiful as some on Your site, but literally - it's my blood and tears of HARD work.
Thank You once more
Best regards
Maciek, Poland

Hi Troels, here are some (night) photos of my DTQWTs, they're not 100% finished yet, I have to put oil or varnish.
About bass - it's mostly room dependent, I have moved to much bigger room and midbass totally dominated the sound (room with bad acoustics - that on attached photos). In smaller room with good acoustics there is no problem with it; you simply have to put speakers in right place. And they play human voices fabulously ....
Best regards, Maciek