DTQWT, built by Mason, US
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels,
I finally finished my DTQWT-mkII construction after four months. I joined my local Woodworking Guild, just for this project, and had access to a full workshop. One of the members took me under his wing and allowed me to use use his basement workshop for gluing/clamping and final touches. All I have left is to sand and finish the exterior, but at least I'm listening to music now. My family will be relocating next month (from Maryland to Kentucky, USA), because of work, and I suspect I won't get around to staining for several months. I'm very happy how this project has turned out.
Thank you very much for making this design available. Hands down the best speakers I've ever heard. This project is my proudest DIY achievement - I built it it by hand myself!!!!
I decided to go 3-way active just because I already have the equipment, crossing over at 240Hz and 2.6kHz.

Here are photos of the build:
Here's an impulse response, left channel, recorded in my living room (from listening position on couch) with no equalization applied - 1/3 octave smoothed (bottom of page).
BR, Mason