DTQWT, built by Mike/UK
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I finished building my DTQWT MK2 speakers earlier this spring, they are now settled in and sound fantastic. I am still amazed at just how real the mid range sounds with these speakers. They kind of do everything I want, they go very loud indeed with thunderous bass (especially good with movies), or they are gentle and refined. Truly awesome. 
I personally found that they sounded slightly better with 45mm legs than 35mm (tighter bass), I tried floor spikes but due to the weight they are very difficult to maneuver with spikes on, so I opted for legs (made of Ash)
Here are some picture you may like to see, please feel free to use them as you wish. 
At the moment I am using them with my Arcam transistor amplifier, which i feel really doesn't do these speakers justice. 
The cabinets are 18mm birch ply with Ash side fillets. I made some rear covers from some old 15mm MDF and speaker cloth mainly to keep the UV from hitting the rear drivers. I would like to make some front covers at some point too....... 
All in all I had a great experience learning and building these and I am very grateful to you for improving my life.
Best Regards, Mike, West Wales, UK