DTQWT, built by Moses, Canada
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels
I checked my crossovers and they're ok. I fixed the polyester damping so that it wraps from side to side behind the JA8008 and now it sound MUCH MUCH better! The muddiness is gone!
Now that I fixed this problem, I've spent some time to listen and it sounds really great! I'm not good at "audio speak" but my best description is that the sound is very rich, full, with very realistic presence and presentation. The bass is low but not unrealistically booming, the treble is not too bright, and the midrange is very peasant. It was a lot of work to build these but it was worth it!
I attached a few pics to show my work
I used 24mm baltic birch for the sides, rear, and top. Two layers of 15mm baltic birch were laminated for the front and solid maple was used for the front panel fillets, and to cover plywood ends at the top of the cabinet. 18mm baltic birch was used for internal panels.
Thank you so much for making these designs public and for answering so many of my questions along the way!!