DTQWT, built by Paul, Australia
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels,
I completed the DTQWT build early this year, but I've been slow to get the pictures from my phone, finally I have some:
I finished one speaker first and ended up listening to that happily for 3 months before finishing the second. I'm very happy with these DTQWT. Punch, full sounding, natural, no listening fatigue, love it. :)
For the build, I used baltic birch 18mm (which is a little harder to find in Melbourne) and I did not apply veneer (what a joy!). Maple was used for the side filets (the color is nearly perfect match for birch), Tasmanian oak for the side strips and furniture polish wax/creme for the finish. I like birch because of the color, but you are right, it is very delicate to router, you have to be super careful.  
I added some precautionary features because my youngest son climbs on everything (wide feet bracing to prevent tip over, speaker protection screens & rear diffuser). These features impact the sound to a degree, but I found changing the source, amplifier and/or speaker position in the room had a bigger impact. For anyone who has kids, don't worry about the screens, move the speaker around or pick a well recorded CD, it will make much a bigger difference to the sound. 
Finally my wife who plays cello and who has a good ear, told me she is very very happy with these speakers. It's always nice to get some compliments for those weekends spent "fiddling" with speakers! Thanks so much for sharing your designs Troels!
Paul Brunet