DTQWT, built by Simen/Norway
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels.
I finnished my DTQWTmkII some months ago.

Thank you for this amazing speaker, and for all the time and effort you must have put in to them. The main reason i decided to do the build the DTQWTmkII was to get a speaker with more punch and detail. And they did beyond my expectation My old speakers the heybrook HB4 sounded good, but with 6,5" bass they needed help from a pair of sub`s and at 86db sensitivity is not very tube friendly. I use a Music Angel kt88 push pull amp, this is the only one i own so i have not tested the DTQWT on different amps, but i am very satisfied with the MA kt88

The build: was not too difficult thanks to the exellent drawings pictures and instructions. This is my first serious build and it was so much fun to do. I went for the orginal design with just some small chances, i used birch on side and top fillets, rounded the back egde and the back baffle is 9+18mm. Finally coated with a waterbased satin varnish. Sound care spikes for legs. I ordered bi wiring terminal witch i think is practical for testing of the different speakers.

The sound: I am no expert on hifi and dont have many prefrences, but Im a musician so i guess i like "live" sound. And i think The DTQWT does bring the music very alive, a huge wide sound. They play all types of music well from Bach to AC/DC and if the recording has deep bass they go all the way. Amazing!

I had to do some tweaking with the rear chamber damping. There was to much lo mid frequencies and e.g. the low end of a bassguitar drowned. As you see on the pics i used polyesterfoam and polyester wool 300g/m2 instead of green felt and MDM3 as described. I finnaly put 20mm eggcrate foam right behind the eminence drivers and it did the trick almost. But still I made covers with alu grille and 20mm foam to get rid of that last mid freq from the rear driver. Now the bass i more defined dry and accurate and i think audibly deeper. It was very helpful to have bi wiring to be able to disconect front driver to hear whats going on.

Best Regards and thank again for the DTQWT design
Simen, Norway