DTQWT-mkIII-212, built by Carlo, NL

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hello troels,
I have build the DTQWT-mkIII-212 and they are playing now for about 4 months. I must say that it is the best speakers I have had until now.
The speakers are connected on selfmade push pull 2A3 monoblocks with an output of max 8 Watts. They sound very natural and don’t have the much to common hifi sound that is artificial and in the long run not pleasant. The bass is clean, deep and powerfull and do not have the “boom” what some reflexsystem have.
The tweeter section first started with the 1 ohm resistor but after 3 months of listening I decreased it to 0,47 ohms because the speaker was to much to the dark side (too warm) sounding. I think because this huge system is warmer and deeper sounding  by the two 12 inch bass speakers and the fractional wider fronts against the normal DTQWT-mkIII.
The speakers are made in a profesional furniture workshop with computer controlled tools. The outside is made of 24 mm birch ply and the horn inside of 21 mm birch ply. In mine opinion is the WAF factor higher, what is very important for this huge speakers, because we follow the horn on the outside, so there are no useless holes in the speakers and it breaks the straight lines. The white color is the same as the walls to make it more acceptabel for my wife.
Every speaker weight 74 kilo so there is no danger for easy stealing this speakers!
Thank you Troels for developing these good sounding speakers.
Greetings from Holland and kind regards Carlo