DTQWT-mkIII, built by Damir
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
First I would like to congratulate you on the persistence  you showing with  the constant improvement of projects, in particular the DTQWT speakers.
My financial situation made me to „downgrade“ my hi fi system and that include my speakers (Wilson Audio Duette) , but it turned out that DTQWT bring another level of quality , and big  smile to my face.
I made some changes to original project with some different crossover parts ( Mundorf SgiO on tweeter, all Mundorf resistors, Crosscap 100mF replaced electrolytic one, Mundorf Supreme on bass driver)  also I use different kind of internal wiring, and my crossover is external one.
All internal dimensions are same as on the original project.
My hi-fi system consists of Pass Labs XA30.5 amplifier, MSB Platinum IV DAC with Diamond power supply that i use as preamplifier and Mac mini with SSD and Linear power supply and Amarra, jRiver, HQ Player . There is few other things like power cords, cables and...
Next thing is heavily modified  SP14 vacuum tube preamplifier that should bring some „tube magic“ .
I would like to thank you again for this wonderful speakers.
PS. Sorry for the photo quality, they are  made with iPhone.