DTQWT mkIII, built by Wilco
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Almost more than a year ago I finished my build of your DTQWT mkIII. Wanted to mail sooner, but everytime I changed something, the speakers made another jump in quality: image, bass, treble, etc. I still think I can’t hear what they are capable of until my system develops further… That, and I like to spend my time listening…
Went to an audioshow last november, and although there the sound had more ‘resolution’, the voicing/character of the sound wasn’t what I heard at home. The music sounds so natural at home!
Thank you very much for these awesome speakers! Really enjoyed building them, even though I never did something like this before, your instructions and drawings made it a breeze. I hope to enjoy them for a very long time.