DTQWT-mkIII, built by Andreas, Norway
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels
I was looking for my first diy speakerkit when I came across DTQWT mkII. After reading several positive feedbacks I decided to go for these. When it was time to place a order, the mkIII version was launched and I had to go for it. For cabinet I went for 21mm baltic birch and 19mm MDF for internal bracing. To lower resonances and increase cabinet weight I pasted on 2mm lead plates on inner panels, I also did the cabinets 10mm wider to give the deltalite some more space. As final finish I went for 3 layers matt clearcoat. I send you some pictures of the building process and the final result. The speakers have played about 200 hours now, and I must say I'm pleased with the sound. Next step wil be to test different amplifiers to find the best match.
Greetings from Andreas, Norway.