DTQWT mkIII, built by Cees
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels, 
Thanks for the quick response. I built the mk lll. About 4 years ago. Last year I made the same for a friend of mine. He is also very satisfied. First with the 8.2 uF Jantzen Alumen Z-cap. A few months ago we soldered the Duelund CAST Cu-Sn in his loudspeaker filters. This is really fantastic. Everything sounds even more natural now. Detailed but never sharp or hard. Soon the Duelund CAST Cu-Sn will also be in my filters.
Here some photos. The speakers with the black fronts are mine. The light gray of my listening friend. I have now moved the DTWQT a bit more forward. Even better low, but above all a much better spatial representation. Thanks to Jim Smith and his book "get better sound". Worth reading.
Thanks for this beautiful speaker design,

Ps. Too bad you no longer have the Thorens TD 124. Is a top turntable, especially when it is completely overhauled by the Jaap Pees of Hanze Hifi here in the Netherlands.

Dear Troels, 
A few years ago I built the DTQWT. Top loudspeaker! What a dynamic. Voices sounds beautiful . Nice spatial view, sometimes creepy realistic. Easy to control with a tube amplifier. Even a 2 watt single ended 2A3 that I borrowed sounds fantastic. 
I just have one more question. What happens to the bass when the speaker is 5 cm off the floor? And what if it is 3 cm? 
Sincerely, Cees
Hello Cees
Thanks for comments to the DTQWT project. Pleased it turned out to your satisfaction.
3-5 cm distance to floor shouldn’t make much difference, but try it out and hear what happens.