DTQWT-mkIII, built by Segio, US
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
Well… after all the emails we exchanged, I decided on building the DTQWT Mk3. I was already familiar with the TQWT/DTQWT family, having built the T35 version of both a few years ago. 
This Mk 3 version is like you say, better! The driver integration has improved, providing much better imaging; when I watch a movie on this system, I swear it has a center channel! The bass out of the Deltalite 12 seems a little more powerful than it was before (my DTQWT T35 had this same bass section). Could be because the Mk3 midrange/tweeter are slightly less sensitive now? Hmm.   Perhaps, the higher Q on the 8008 is the culprit? Either way, the bass is much better. 
I’ve also noticed that this speaker is smoother than the previous version; seems less loud than before, especially in the treble range. I’m guessing the Alumen Z is doing its job; not having unwanted glare in this range.
Again, I’m very happy with this sound! Now to get the room dialed in a bit better… then I’ll have my perfection!
I recently bough a Devialet all in one; my big Line Magnetic KT120 amplifier was no match… I was a little disappointed, as I wanted the LM to sound better. I hope that you can try one of these for yourself; I’m curious as to what your thoughts would be.
Again, I thank you sincerely for all the hard work you do to get us all here. Your designs are better than excellent! 
Sergio USA