DTQWT-mkII, built by Luc, Canada
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I finally did dit !!!
Please find attached a PDF document including a complete overview of the whole project.
Also attached are 2 additional pictures.
My impressions:
Over the past few years, I have owned a few loudspeakers. Nothing very expensive, but loudspeaker that still offering respectable performance like the KlipshRF83 (big tower!), Rogers LS7t, Sonus Faber Principia 7 and Focal 826W 30th Anniversary Edition. Among these, my favorites are clearly the Focal 826W. Now, it is obvious that the DTQWT MKII are far superior to all these loudspeakers. In my opinion, they are also superior to several models that I listened to during my visit to the last Montreal Audio Show. I will not attempt to describe the sound exhaustively, but I find that they offer an impressive level of detail. The separation between the instruments is very clear and they produce satisfying bass when the recording calls for it. I had initially used the 2R2 resistor for the tweeters , but I quickly changed to the 2R7. I liked the level of detail in the highs, but I felt a certain fatigue during prolonged listening. I also believe that high fidelity loudspeakers like these can be annoying when listening to some pop music or other poorly recorded songs over a long period of time. One thing is certain, they know how to do justice to quality recordings. Acoustic instruments and voices are rendered with great realism. As for the deep bass, they are certainly capable of delivering the goods!
Thank you so much Troels for your help and huge contribution to the DIY loudspeaker community, allowing all these people to access their dream loudspeaker and unforgettable audio experience within a reasonable budget