DTQWT, built by Bernardo, Germany
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,

Thanks a lot for these great loudspeakers. 
The DTQWT were my first loudspeaker project and your design came just in time, while I was looking for High Efficiency
We were living for some years in Asia and bought several kits from DIY HIFIsupply in Hongkong. Now I was on the way to built up a system with TVC and 300B mono blocks and needed High Efficiency Speakers. 
After looking for commercial ones like Audionote or DIY speakers, I decided to choose your design, not knowing that this was a never ending challenge. 
The speaker kit came from Jantzen and Thomann - we choosed the best parts for crossover.
The loudspeaker boxes should not look like the grey metal DIY boxes from DIY HIFIsupply, but with a professional look and acceptable for the living room. We wanted to use boxes with veneer.
We found nearby a veneer shop with curly baltic birch as a complete pack. 
For construction we first looked in our town for a carpenter or a furniture constructor, but failed. 
Finally a friend of us sent us to a bigger construchtion workshop. 
They were willing, professionals and fully equipped with CNC machines. I explained them the design and requirements and they understood the workflow and gave me time to install the damping materials before the final step to complete. 
For feet I used SOUND Care spikes. For speaker connectors I used WBT terminals with damping and Cu connectors.
And how do the DTQWT speakers sound?
My wife and me have heard a lot of speakers of all types and price classes, but the DTQWT were the best. 
Everytime we listend to decide whats best, we brought our test music CD with us: 
Abdullah Ibrahim NO FEAR, NO DIE.
The DTQWT work with every music. It is airy. Music comes not out of the speakers. It is in the room. You can identify the players and vocalists. 
We are very happy with our music system.
With best regards