DTQWT, built by Cheong/Malaysia

Hi Troels,
Finished the DTQWT some time ago and after the “running-in” period I’ve been enjoying these marvelous speakers over the last five months. The sonic performance is one of overall coherence and perfect balance from the high to the extended low frequencies. The TW034 and JA8008 are seamlessly integrated and the soundstage is huge. The ‘mouth’ of the vocalist is small and is projected in splendid holographic isolation from the instruments around it - the best I’ve ever experienced (the mkII even better?!). The sweet spot big and normal head movements do not affect the soundstage.
Due to local availability the Eminence Alpha 10A are used as woofers. I’m very satisfied with their performance. The bass notes are well defined and it is easy to follow the bass line from one CD to another. The bass is smooth and effortless and absolutely no hint of ‘constipation’ or
‘flatulence’ in its delivery. Another sign of good integration. These DTQWT retain their immense poise and authority even when played very loud in our living room ( 70 sq. m ) . Opening the door and standing outside , the voice and music is clearly delivered over a large area. They obviously make good hifi PA too. Way to go.
Construction of the cabinet is from 19mm MDF ( 19 + 10 for baffle board ). The edges are rounded over with 1/4”, 3/8” and ” router bits. Finishing is by painting with “golden honey” gloss paint (ala Wilson Audio). The mk II was introduced while I was auditioning these speakers and the damping panels for the woofers were implemented asap. Standing behind the speakers one can easily hear the occasional low intensity notes of the lower midrange emanating from the woofers.
The mkII crossover will be tried at a later date – when the next ‘urge’ to upgrade arises, which happen all too often. For now it is time to stop and smell the roses/listen to the music. These speakers are already revealing too much of the variability of the quality of the recordings in my collection. These DTQWT are truly top of range state of the art (TORSOTA) loudspeakers that I’ve wanted to own though not at the expense of mortgaging my house. Now I have a pair without breaking my bank account.
So a big thank you to Troels for sharing his incredible creations. To other DIYers, if size is not an issue, these DTQWT are comparatively easy to build and cost and performance is not always proportional. Life is like that!
Cheong / Malaysia