DTQWT built by Diego/Italy
Copyright 2010 Troels Gravesen
Dear Troels,
I connected the DTQWT to my tube amp …. now is very amazing! I confirm that DTQWT are real musical instruments! Now I hear a full-bodied bass, deep, detailed and solid, not intrusive.
The tube amp deliver a soothing listen, with midrange and tweeter more real, airy and smooth. I can listen music for hours!CDs of Jazz are fantastic with DTQWT, really the singers go out of the loudspeaker, other CDs seems flat!
Probably there is a different recording of CDs. In “strawberry fields forever” the Swingle Singers are present in the living room! The vocalize of the singer in “Drive my car” is mellow, present, real.
I listened Melody Gardot, Natalie Cole (wonderful), Oscar Peterson Trio, Modern Jazz Quartet, Diana Krall, Madeleine Peiroux, Stacey Kent, all amazing. Trumpets of Gran Combo of Portorico are involving! I think that with the Callas I’ll break the glasses !!! I attached a link with my photos, taken on the fly J, the speakers still missing of base and later border.
I used a special “putty” to seal the rear woofer and a stuffing of Ikea cushion to fill the internal chamber. A little question about the dust on the dome of tweeter: how do you resolve the problem? At the end, dear Troels, this is a great project, I spend about 1500 eur but the loudspeakers are musical instruments! A real jump in hifi heaven. Thanks a lot for your plan! Diego
I’ll send you other photos when the speaker is finished.

Hello Diego! Thanks for your thorough report. Happy to hear it all turned out well. Usually I clean a dusty dome with painter's tape. You may have to dismantle the dome from the waveguide, ultimately remove the face plate of TW034 to gently press small strips of painter's tape against the dome. Painter's tape won't stick to the dome's coating, but in most cases dust particles can be removed. I used this for cleaning a Ciare dome as can be seen here: http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/large_domes.htm. Best regards and some happy hours with your musical collection, Troels.