DTQWT, built by Ilpo, Sweden
Copyright 2009 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
First of all I would like to thank you for your amazing work on your DTQWT speaker. I've spent the last two months building your DTQWT speaker, and now I'm finished. It's been hard work but I've had a great time building it and I really like the size and design of the speaker. My speakers turned out just below 50 kg a piece. I used 22mm and 19mm mdf for the cabins and the front is made of pinewood.
I decided to use your recommended Eminence Deltalite II bass drivers with the wax coils and superior caps. All I can say is that they sound absolutely fantastic, even though I'm currently just using them with my home theatre receiver the sound is extremely clear and the bass is very correct and deep. I'm currently upgrading my sound system and now I know that my floor speakers won't be the weak link in the chain anymore. Feel free to check out my construction pictures at
Thank you for your fantastic work..
Best regards, Ilpo Karhapää

Hi Ilpo, thanks for a great report back on the DTQWT. I'm pleased to see it all materialise in others' hands. Best regards, Troels. Download Ilpo's tread here in pdf format (3 MB).


Dec 2009:
Hi Troels,
Ilpo from Sweden here again. Let me begin with telling you how satisfied I am with the DTQWT speaker. After a couple months of daily listening I noticed how the midrange really "opened" and now I'm even more impressed with the sound from these speaker. I've had the opportunity to listen to many high-priced speakers and I proudly can say that nothing yet comes close to the sound that my DTQWT speakers delivers. But anyway, my question...
I noticed that you just bought a new workshop amp and that got me thinking about my setup. Im looking for a new suitable amp for my speakers and I really have no clue where to start looking. I read the reviews for your Jungson amp and it really looks promising, and the price is really nice as well. Would the Jungson JA88D-09 be a suitable candidate for my speakers ? If yes, where did you buy it for ~700usd ? If no could you recommend any other suitable amps under 1000 USD?

And again about the speakers. I'm really impressed how LOUD these speakers can play without any distortion. Im looking forward to reading about your 12" results :)  I have a couple friends also considering building the DTQWT speaker. They, just like me, were absolutely amazed with the sound from these fantastic speakers. After a short music session at my house both of them starting asking many questions regarding the construction of them, and one of them already emailed Jantzen about prices :) Best regards, Ilpo.

Hi Ilpo.
Thanks for your response. Pleased to hear the DTQWTs still are doing well - or even better once broken in. As a constructor I'm always keen to know how things perform once the honeymoon is over. Click