DTQWT, built by Joffrey/NL
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels, Here some pictures of my DTQWT. Just finished last week. Had help with the cabinets. I did mainly the electronics. My impressions so far are very positive. They replace a set of Dynaudio Special 25's, which I have had for 5 years now. And I must say I am very pleased, soundstage is big , full bodied, sweet high frequencies, seductive and emotional, fast and revaeling more details than I was used to. It's about real music. I tried the three resistors for the tweeter, 2,7 ohm is my favorite, the best coherence in my room. Bass is sometimes not as tight as with the S25 but that will probably get better with more break-in time. I use them with Pass Firstwatt F5 (DIY) which works super. Thanks Troels for sharing this great speaker. With kind regards, Joffrey Klein Ovink, The Netherlands