DTQWT built by Philippe/Trinidad

As my last email, the speakers are now working perfectly and I have to admit that he quality of the sound is pretty good!!! (And can also be pretty loud). This is my report on this DIY project:

How the idea starts:
As a big fan of rock music, I was thinking of buying a good stereo equipment. The idea to build the speakers came to me about 3 month ago when I have seen a very powerful self made speaker at a very unbeatable price in a night club here in Trinidad an Tobago(the sound and the look were not that good) and I start looking on Internet for designs and advices. When I have seen your website, I know that I would like to try to do something like that.

I was very impressed by the Poor Man’s Strad designs but I decided to build the DTQWT for the following reasons:
- The design of the DTQWT is also awesome
- The DTQWT looks more powerful
- Woodword work look complicated for the Poor Man’s Strad
- It will be impossible here in T&T to find some good base plates
- For the DTQWT, your article is starting by “To my ears, this is the best speaker I've ever made - and the biggest!”

Our skills:
I am usually not too bad at DIY project, But I require help for the use of the router and some very sharp cuts. Also I had a friend electrician that helps me to built the circuits and proceed with the welding.
For the next Project: I am confident that I will be able to realize all the project from A to Z on my own if I am using MDF.

As clearly explained on your website I get the kit by Jantzen Audio (cf PDF attached) including the different wools, the spikes and the solder tin. for the Eminence Deltalite I get them by beach Audio in Miami and somebody bring them back to me (95 USD the speakers). I also use Cattylink to purchase a Jungson 88d and a cd player Vincent S6 mk and the necessary cables).
For the wood, due to the necessity of 18mm board and my limited time frame (I was supposed to go leave the country earlier) I choose some Brazilian plywood treated and waterproof (this is the first stupid thing that I did which make a lot harder the building!!) Instead of MDF that was not available at this time.

Difficulties meet during the fabrication:
The plywood is good for straight cut, ok for 45 degrees cut but I totally don’t recommend it for very sharp cut and for the use of the router, we succeed to do it but due to the extreme difficulty to cut without bursting the wood I had to use some professional friends and wood filler.
The placing of the different wools is a piece of cake. To build the circuit is also quite easy with the scheme and picture that are available on your website.
The wiring is not difficult, however with the wire delivered (7 meters of black “AWG 16 silver coated, 7 meters of red “AWG 16 silver coated” and 3 meters of white “2.5 mm^2, Supra white”) and because we were afraid to don’t have enough cables we bought some extra 2.5 mm^2 for the power supply. All the cables are welded. We also regret that the section of the cables does not appear on the drawings and we used the white cables for the Eminence and the black and red cables for the Jantzen.
The finishes are quite bad. I had the good idea to completely cover them with body car filler, the result was fantastic. However due to my moving to an another country this week I decided to paint the speakers myself with an acrylic roller instead of to send them to a professional painter. (this is the second stupid thing that make my speakers looks already 30 years old which is not really a problem for me but this vintage touch definitely upsets my girlfriend). As soon as I come back in a develop country I will try or either to repaint them or I will put some laminate on them.

Pictures: (I had a lot more but they have been erased for ever and never due to a computer problem).

1/ Wool fitting:

On this picture we can see the very sharp cut that I am talking about at the bottom of the speakers and where we can see all the different layers of the plywood.

2/ The wiring:

Not any special problem, As you recommend me use some silicon to fix all the elements on the wood plate.

3/ The router:

My skill friends did it, if you use MDF and if you are patient it is not that hard. Al the holes have been cut smaller but very close to the final dimension and have been finalized with P60 sandpaper.

4/ The mounting:

Box fitted on the floor.

5/ Body car filler:

Some people on internet used body car filler for speakers. The result is that they were smooth like mirrors. I hope that I will not encounter any problem with time passing and humidity (cracks or falling of the filler).

6/ The mistake:

They don’t look that bad on the pictures but if I am getting closer you will see some defects. I really think that black mat automotive paint was a great finish as to apply it with a roller was a stupid idea.

I would like to thank you for:
Sharing on internet your concepts in a very detailed way (plans, pictures, advice and prices).
Your advices on the wiring problems.
Give us the name of CATTYLINK which is for me the best buying experience I had on internet (fast, reliable and good advisors)
I know that I will try more projects and two of my friends will also do the same very soon on other models (QUATTRO)
Best regards