DTQWT mkIII, built by Tyberiusz, PL
Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels 
After very successful Fusion Be speakers build for my sound system, my friend Michal asked for DTQWT Mk 3 for his tube amplification. It took app. 70-80 work hours during 3 weeks, and the sonic result excessed my expectations, a lot. I didn’t expect to get such treble quality from 35mm textile dome, comparing to beryllium TW-29BN in my Fusions. Also didn’t know that your JA-8008 HMQ is so well performing driver.
Holographic sound stage, instruments separation, neutral and clear midrange, and amazing low frequencies quality. I expected, that I might like quarter wave housing  bass presentation, and I can confirm now – it is superior to BR, no doubts. Speakers were built according to your specification, following all dimensions – all to get crossover works as designed.
Exceptions provided: All pieces made from Baltic birch 21 mm. Back wall double thickness to get flush mounted 12’’ woofer, thus speaker outside depth increased by 21mm. Internal wiring: Kimber TC and Noetech, binding posts: Cardas CCBP, highest level kit from Jantzen with Alumen-Z and Sliver-Z Cap.
Kind regards,