Discovery 12W, built by Gregor, Slovenia
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

It's almost a year since I ordered a kit for these speakers. I've listened them for some time now and like them a lot. They handle low notes pretty well for the size, have really nice mids and produce a lot of detail. Cabinets are made from MDF with plywood at the back and solid oak in front. 
It took hours of sanding, chiselling and routing, but the hardest part was painting them. Crossover was actually my first soldering experience. I stuck with the plans and everything went smoothly.  Currently I'm using them with Audioquest dragonfly and smsl SA-60 amp, witch is  the weakest link in the chain. I also tried them with  some old, top of the line SANSUI amp.  The diference was obvious, but there wasn't any place left on the table for keyboard and mouse. I'm really happy with the results knowing there is a lot to improve. First, I have to design some proper stands. In the meantime I'm saving for a better amp with small footprint. Thank you for all the work you've done.
Regards, Gregor