Discovery W12, built by Ilia, Israel
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I've finally finished with building Discovery 12W bookshelfs. I'll probably paint to black tweeter's screws later on, but generally it’s done. That was a nice journey to go through, and I'm pretty much pleased with the result. I'm currently using the pair for streaming with an old and cheap 5.1 home theater system (JBL360), but even with this basic 25wpc @ 4Ohm subwoofer-amp they sound good to me) I don't have much photos from the building phase - I've ordered the cabinets from my relative's wood workshop and they were built and painted exceptionally good - CNC machine did a very precise routing, chamfering and angles. The CNC for sure was an overkill, but I had the opportunity to insist) Professional mate silver/black painting - to fit our living room (WAF considerations).
The crossovers are of my assembly. I've a bit changed the layout of the back panel, surely without changing the schematics. One of the capacitors was of much greater size than one used while building of your pair, so I placed it vertically, in parallel to the port tube. I also used polyurethane montage foam to fix cross coils. After the foam got firm I've cut out redundant pieces with the sharp cutter - and that's it. You'll probably break those coils apart if you try to tear them out of there by hands.
Thanks to you, I'm enjoying good sound.
Thank you very much for your engineering and support!
Best Regards,
Ilia V