Discovery-15, built by Kevin
Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels, 
Thank you for your hard work, making these great speaker designs. Also thanks to Jantzen, great communication and service, parts in the kits are 1st class. 
I built  the Discovery 15 back in 2015. I am very happy with this speaker.  I first wanted to build the Discovery 4, but as I did not know your work vs my hearing of HiFi then, I decided to build a test speaker of the Discovery 15.  If I liked it, I would build the Discovery 4. 
Well nearly 5 yrs has passed and I am still impressed by these tiny speakers. OK so we have to understand, never will a small speaker shake your room.  That said they make good bass in a small room. But the thing that impresses is image, treble and mid range.  Easy to listen to for hours, with lots of detail. A recent visitor, with little experience of HiFi said, it is like the system takes the music apart, so you can hear every instrument and sound.  Enough said. 
I took the Superior Z cap build and built the cross over to the standard tweeter attenuation.  Your voicing is very close to prefect for me.  
The cabinets have never been finished, as I like the speakers so much. I can not think of having no stereo system, while I finish the cabinets fully.  
My system:
Pi & digione network player
Project CD Box DS
Chord 2Qute dac
Cyrus Pre VS2
DIY Rod Elliot P101c amp
Cables all DIY  Silver plated copper
Room is small 3 x 3 x 2.5 meter.  Rear, front & side walls some acoustic damping.
Regards Kevin