Discovery 15, built by Will
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
I was toying with various of your designs for some time. I had started to worry about not being able to judge the voicing in advance. I was concerned that I might not hear things the way you do and may end up being disappointed as a result. In the end I decided to go small, choosing the Ellam Discovery 15, in the hope of getting both some good value speakers and a sense of the sound you like to aim for.
In the event my expectations were exceeded on both counts. These Discoverys really are amazing, especially considering the fact that I rushed the build and got the dimensions a bit wrong in the process. To my ears these are something of a revelation, especially when considering their size and cost. I hear details I've not heard before and the overall tone is just what I'd hoped for. If timbre is the right word then these have it just so. Pianos sound weighty and full and vocals are just great to listen to.
All my music is digital by the way. I use JRiver software and have a modest but ample Primare amp doing the legwork.
I want to thank you for a terrific design. Next time I'll take more time planning and find a more suitable workshop! In the meantime I'm simply enjoying my music a whole lot more than I have in a while. Even films and everyday TV are now a pleasure to listen to.
All the best,

The end result...