Discovery 18W, built by James, UK
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
I have recently finished a build of your Discovery 18 Speaker design.  The build was very enjoyable and I’m delighted with the sound from these speakers! Certainly the cleanest, clearest, most resolving speakers I have had in my home. The improvement in the low-end, from previously using speakers with 3" and 4” drivers is significant, to say the least.
I used 18mm plywood throughout.  I cut slots in the sides for the braces and used biscuits on the mitre joints to make alignment during the glue-up a little easier.  Other than that, I just followed your instructions and the crossover diagrams from Jantzen.  They are finished with a couple of coats of hardwax oil and then with wax polish. 
Thanks for your help in answering my questions along the way.  Here are some pictures of the build and the finished product.   If you notice anything in the pics of the cabinets/crossover that doesn’t look right, please let me know. I’m already looking forward to the next build.
Best wishes from the UK,
PS. I also took some quick ungated measurements of the speaker at 1 metre outside.  A long way from ideal conditions (somewhat enclosed with a concrete floor), but the frequency response seems impressively smooth and balanced all things considered.  In any case, they sound excellent!