Discovery 3WC, built by Alex
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
It's been a while since I've started making these speakers and I haven't sent you any feedback since I was hoping on improving the aesthetics a bit.
First of all, I want to say thank you! These are the best speakers I have ever listened to by a wide margin.
At first, when I finished them, I used them with my old amp, a Denon DRA345R and I was instantly in love with them. I never knew what music was it seems. It's just.. amazing, you can't put this in words. I then wondered how they would sound on a better amplifier and I bought a used Sony F590ES that I have been using until today. It sounded way better than the Denon in all ways and it had more power. Now I've bought a new Anthem i225 and I was blown out of the water by the sounds. I feel like I've never actually listened to them until now.
I want to thank you for all the help and for designing such beauties! Now I am planning on making the next pair. I was thinking of the Prelude since I love this classic 3 way design, but I'm also thinking of the Ekta Grande.
Best regards,

Hi Troels,
I wanted to let you know that before I started working on another speaker kit I decided to first upgrade my capacitors from Standard Z to Superior Z for my Discovery 3 Way Classic. I’ve bought the upgrade from Jantzen Audio directly.
The difference that these caps make is astonishing. It’s like I’ve changed my speakers again. I certainly wasn’t expecting such a difference, I thought that maybe I will hear something, but this is not just barely noticeable, this is better than when I upgraded my amp and my amp has cost me 2000 Euros.
I now know never to buy anything < Superior Z again and I definitely understand what you say when you recommend using these caps on your projects. I think that the impact of these caps cannot be emphasized enough! I now feel somewhat sorry for all the times people came to my place to hear my speakers and everyone said they’re amazing. After changing these caps I can say that with the Standard Z my speakers sounded like crap!
The thing I like the most now is the depth of the sound, the speakers sound like they have more bass (even though I don’t think they do). Maybe it’s just better integration with the medium driver or I don’t know, but they just sound full and amazing. It’s like everything has a bit of an echo now and each instrument sounds like it’s in my room. The voicing has changed to something that just makes me smile when I listen to music.
A few months ago I listened to a pair of Monitor Audio Gold GX300 and even with my old caps in place I wasn’t very impressed by the sound, but the speakers did have this holographic sound with more depth. At that time I thought that it’s just the ribbon tweeter making this, but now, with these Superio Z in place I can say that my speakers sound even better than those.
I want to thank you again for designing these speakers and allowing me to use the design!
Have a nice day,