ScanSpeak Discovery-3WC-mkII, built by Decher
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

I am considering a second speaker build project for a different room and am looking at one of the Faital versions. I know you don’t want to recommend a speaker but in reading the plan write ups you state that the 3WC-10 is the best mid size speaker you have designed. Do you consider the 12" and 15” versions to be mid sized as well or are they in a different category? The price point between the 10 and 12 isn’t much, the 15 a bit more.
Decher Kritzmire

In the mean time I am enjoying the Discovery 3WC and thank you for these designs as they are great projects.

Basic baltic birch construction with a separate lower compartment for the crossover. Layered hardwood trim from strips of maple and salvaged mahogany table top.